What if there was a free, online, organizational tool that could transform your life?

It's so easy to work all day without crossing anything off your to-do list. 


When the dog makes a mess, you have to clean it up.

When your child needs a diaper change, you have to change it.

When your boss calls with an urgent request, you have to take care of it.

But all of these urgent things leave you with little time to focus on what's truly important for you to move forward with your goals. It can be easy to become overwhelmed and upset and feel like life is conspiring and preventing you from reaching your dreams.

Do you find yourself...


 ➤  ignoring your projects because they're too overwhelming to even start? 

 ➤  writing down the same things on your to-do lists every day?

 ➤  losing your to-do lists because they're written on tiny scraps of paper?

 ➤  losing track of birthdays, forgetting that perfect gift idea that you already had, or even forgetting that you already purchased a gift for someone?

 ➤  losing sight of your goals because they're easily forgotten with your day-to-day struggles?


Together, we can systematize and transform your life!

What Is Trello?

Trello is a free online tool that has completely transformed our lives and our productivity. 

You don't need this course. You can create a free account and get started right away, just like we did. But if you want to maximize your productivity and minimize the time you spend trying to find out a system that works for you, then our course may be for you. 

We spent weeks working on creating a system that worked for us, spending hours researching Trello and how to use it. We've taken bits and pieces of what we learned to create a system that works for managing your home, your side hustles, hobbies, and job, your family, and your life, and are sharing it - and over 15 board templates - with you.

Our systems make it easy to get started and see immediate progress while you customize the system for yourself. 

"I really didn't get how people used Trello as a planner until you showed how you did it...I've been using Trello everyday and enjoy it! My head doesn't hurt anymore with trying to keep everything in line." - Kayla W. 

"Trello has been a huge help, I absolutely love it...it's been really helpful just to offload my brain. I showed my husband my Trello board, and he was like, "that's neat!" and now we have a very simple joint board that we check together that's for chores/things we need from each other." - Carey B.

"Trello saved me...so much easier to keep my huge and ever changing to do list organized." - Isabel


What's Included? 

YOU are responsible for creating the life you want to live. 

If you want to reduce stress and keep everything in your life running smoothly, you are capable of creating the systems necessary.

Our Trello System and Templates will help you...

  • know what must be done each day to make progress on your goals,

  • stop forgetting important things like birthdays, deadlines, or that one project that you promised Aunt Sue you would finish by June,

  • set up systems to take care of your home and your family on autopilot,

  • accomplish large projects such as moving to a new home, preparing for a new baby, or starting a homestead,

so that you can finally reach your dream of accomplishing the important things without losing sight of the day-to-day realities of life.

One of our Planner board templates.

We want YOU to benefit from our years of experience creating systems to organize and streamline your life.

Using Trello will transform your life. 

It will rid you of forgetfulness and overwhelm. 

In their place, you will find control and be confident in your plans and your ability to accomplish your projects.

Our Trello System will give you the lists, templates, and guidance necessary to create your own organizational system.

You can be productive and accomplish your dreams.

Take our Trello system, make it your own, and watch your productivity soar.

Using Trello To Organize Your Life


One Time Fee


Ready to Create Your "External Brain" with Our Trello System?

We'll give you all of the tools and ideas you need to make your life easier with Trello. 

You'll gain lifetime access to the course, including any updates or new templates that we add.

Creating a Trello system can change your life.


"I've been using my Google Calendar in a similar way for years, but it just doesn't have the same workflow, especially when breaking down larger tasks." - Carey B.

"Just wow, this is going to actually let me keep my sanity at work. I’ve been using it all day already. I love how it allows me to break down bigger projects into individual tasks that I can check off. Thanks so much for sharing this great find." -Isabel

"This is hopefully exactly what I will need to keep moving forward. Will report on how/if it helps this week...but I feel much more excited about tackling something already." - Sarah

What are you waiting for?

We'll give you all of the tools and ideas you need to make your life easier with Trello. 

You'll gain lifetime access to the course, including any updates or new templates that we add.

Using Trello To Organize Your Life


One Time Fee


*Due to the digital nature of the templates, there are no refunds on the Trello System Course.