Are you struggling to live the life you truly want?

Does daily living keep you trapped and too busy?

Most Moms ARE struggling!

When my last child was born, I was a stay-at-home mom with 8 children, ages 10 and under. But it doesn't matter how many children you have, because when there are kids in the house, the work never ends!

          ✔ Cooking
          ✔ Cleaning
          ✔ Food shopping
          ✔ Laundry
          ✔ Washing dishes
          ✔ Changing diapers
          ✔ Play dates

All of these were constant activities. Not to mention the extra jobs of potty training, switching clothes each season, and birthday or holiday parties. The days were long and the work never stopped.

For Busy Moms,
Time is Always in Short Supply!

✦  It doesn't matter if you have young children or if your children are grown.

✦  It doesn't matter if you are a stay-at-home mom, work outside of the home, or have a home business.

✦  It doesn't matter if you are married, divorced, single, or in a relationship.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by everything you have to do
and everything others expect of you,
it can often leave you feeling like a failure.

Do you find yourself...

     ➤  frantically trying to find time for yourself and your dreams?

     ➤  ending each day with more things to do than when you started the day?

     ➤  spinning your wheels with no idea how to make things better?

     ➤  struggling to meet the expectations other people have for you?

     ➤  believing nothing you do is good enough?

     ➤  feeling like a failure because you're always behind, no matter how hard you try?

You're not alone!

Let me tell you about Susan.  When I met Susan, she had

          ★  two children in elementary school,

          ★  a toddler in daycare,

          ★  a husband who was stationed overseas,

          ★  and a full-time job out of the house. 

Susan loved her children dearly, but was stressed and overwhelmed by the daily actions of caring for them. She often felt like she was always in the wrong place. When she was at home, she was thinking about work. And at work, she was thinking about home.

But even worse, she was starting to resent her husband and children. Susan was spinning her wheels. She was running out of energy and she didn't know how much more she could take. There was never enough of her to go around and she often felt like a failure.

Susan was operating in a reactionary mode. She needed guidance putting systems into place that would help her manage her life and avoid burn out!

Without systems in place, our lives can easily spin out of control!

"Creating and implementing sytems became the game changer that has allowed me to successfully raise and homeschool my 8 children while running a growing business."
- PJ Jonas

Together, we can systematize and transform your life!

I'm PJ Jonas, and I am...

➥ a loving wife.
➥ a Homeschooling Mom of 8 children.
➥ the Founder & CEO of Goat Milk Stuff.
➥ the Host of the Busy Mom's Survival Guide Podcast.
➥ a Systems Engineer.
➥ your Goat Getters teacher and guide.

I was told by a lot of people that I was "throwing away my education" when I decided to become a stay at home mom.  Little did they know how much I would put the information I learned as a Systems Engineer into use as a busy homeschooling mom.

I learned early on that having systems in place was the key to peaceful living and not being constantly overwhelmed and stressed by the work that 8 young children created.

I also learned that even though I could do everything better and faster than my children, investing in teaching them was the only way to free up my time for work I really enjoyed.

As the children grew, we all learned to regularly review and modify our systems as life brought new adventures and challenges. This was really important because starting our family business was a huge challenge.

I know that if we didn't have all of our systems in place, our family business could not have grown and succeeded the way that it did.

I want YOU to benefit from my years of experience
helping myself and other women systematize their lives. 
And that's why I created Goat Getters. 

The goal of Goat Getters is to SYSTEMATIZE
and TRANSFORM your life.

It will rid you of constant feelings of overwhelm, stress, and failure.
In their place, you will find control, confidence, and success.

Goat Getters will teach you to change your mindset
and put beliefs and systems in place
so that you can create and live the life that you want

I've done it in my own life.
I've guided my married, adult daughter in doing it in her life.
I've helped women like Susan do it.

And I believe I can help you create the life you want to live

so that you can be the best wife, or mother, or friend, or sister, or self
you can possibly be. 

I'm ready to create that life!

Goat Getters will change your life through an online program that includes:

  • A weekly video that teaches on the topic of the week.
  • Weekly missions that help you grow and improve your life.
  • An online community communicate, discuss progress, and get or give encouragement.
  • A book club (your physical* book is shipped to you at no extra cost) that compliments and supports the area of growth we are focusing on.
  • A live question and answer session each week with PJ.

Not enough time? Don't worry!

Goat Getters is designed to fit into your busy schedule and get you OUT of overwhelm. In fact, becoming a Goat Getter will take you from: 

     ➥  Good to Great
     ➥  Overwhelmed to Overcoming
     ➥  Apathetic to Achieving
     ➥  Trapped to Transformed

If you already feel like there are not enough hours in the day, the Goat Getters program will help you find extra hours as you create and implement systems that will ultimately save you hours and hours! Investing the time in Goat Getters will pay you back as your life operates more smoothly.

YOU are responsible for creating the life that you want to live.

But you're not alone!
We're here to guide you through the process.
Joining the Goat Getters online course will help you...

  • develop your mindset to focus on success,

  • improve your relationships with your family, your money, and yourself,

  • set up systems to make your daily routine and house run more smoothly,

  • improve your decision making so you don't live with regrets and mistakes, 

  • quit procrastinating so you stay focused and have no need to make excuses,
  • learn to say "no" to others who try to distract you from your true priorities, 

so that you can finally reach your dream of creating and living the life that you love.

That's what I want!

Have you tried to get organized before and it didn't work for you?

And you're not really sure Goat Getters will be any different?

Goat Getters is not one-size-fits-all. It is not designed to take you and try and fit you into a standard box like so many other programs.

Goat Getters treats you as an individual. As a Mom of 8 children, I know that everyone is unique and everyone learns differently. The course provides different ways of learning so you can find what works for you.

Goat Getters will teach you how to move forward. Your life and your systems need to grow and change with you. We will teach you how to review and modify your systems so they stay current.

Become a Goat Getter

and make 2020 your best year yet.

Goat Getters will help you...

⇨ Change your Mindset. What if everything in your life became a fun challenge instead of an impassable mountain?

⇨ Establish Systems. What if everything in your life was so systematized that you could leave for a day and nothing would fall apart?

⇨ Live your Dream Life. What if the life you've always dreamed of was something you could achieve?

But most of all, Goat Getters will Systematize and Transform
Your Life!

★  I want you to go from being overwhelmed to being in control.

★  I want you to stop feeling like a failure and start feeling like a champion.

★  I want you to stop doing what others require of you and start doing what you believe is valuable

What's Included with Goat Getters?

Core Curriculum

Each week there will be a video teaching the subject matter for the week. This will be followed by 3-5 action items that will help you implement these concepts to improve your life.

Book Club

We will send you (at no extra cost) some of our favorite physical* books to complement what's being taught. Read at your own pace & join discussions in the online community.


Awesome Support

We know how difficult it can be to learn and make changes. We are going to be there for you all year long with live Q&A videos and answers to the questions you post.

Online Curriculum

Goat Getters is a year-long course, broken down into quarterly segments. You can do the program at your own pace and there is plenty of time to catch up if you take vacation or get sick. Watch the training videos and Q&A's live if the timing fits your schedule. Or access access the recordings at a time that works for you. 

1. Mindset Matters (January -  March)

  • Your beliefs have consequences. Train yourself to have the right belief system to achieve the life you want.
  • Don't just set goals, but actually achieve the right goals.
  • Learn to focus on your core strengths and minimize the rest.

2. Real Relationships (April - June)

  • Strengthen your relationships with the people in your life.
  • Manage your relationship with money so that you are in control and living financially responsibly. 
  • Stop neglecting yourself and focus on improving your well-being and meeting your own needs.

3. Setting Systems (July - September)

  • Create and implement systems in many areas of your life and household to go from overwhelmed to in control.
  • Empower yourself with a decision making framework so that you're not stressed about making the wrong choices.
  • Create a daily routine that you can return to every time life takes an unexpected turn.

4. Prioritize Peace (October - December)

  • Revisit your relationship with money and your financial big picture as the holidays approach so you aren't stressed about money.
  • Implement the holiday system so you can actually enjoy the holidays without feeling stressed and overwhelmed.
  • Create memories and traditions that will showcase the best of this life you have created. 

You CAN live the life you truly desire!

Transforming your life is possible and it's within your grasp.
After completing Goat Getters, you will be able to

✔ Say "No" to good things because you are saying "Yes" to great things.

Live intentionally instead of letting life happen to you.

✔ Take care of yourself so you have energy to care for your loved ones.

✔ Live the life you want to live and not the life other people expect you to live.

✔ Make time for yourself and your dreams.

Succeed at whatever you choose to do and be a great role model for others.

I am so excited to watch you create your dream life.
You don't want to miss this opportunity.

The systems you will implement during the Goat Getters program will change your life!

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