Chasing Shiny Things

pj's thoughts Mar 29, 2022

Thursday afternoons are Jonas Family "Fam Jam".

We do a variety of activities during this time - from Bible Studies to games to holiday events to dance lessons - but the important part is that we do it together as a family.

This past Thursday everyone was too tired to focus on the Bible Study we are currently doing. So we were just sitting around talking when Indigo started teasing Landon by casting a shiny spot on the wall with her phone.

Soon everyone was participating and for almost 30 minutes we entertained ourselves and were belly laughing over watching Landon chase a reflection.

Toward the end, I stopped laughing long enough to capture this quick video.

Rewatching it now made me laugh all over again.  But it also reminded me...

It's so important to be able to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. So often we feel we need the newest/best gadgets or technology or vacations. We chase these shiny things as if our happiness requires them.

And worse, many of us teach our children that they need the shiny things in life.

But we don't. Our joy doesn't require shiny things.

Our happiness requires people we care about and time to enjoy those people.

So here's a reminder to myself (and to you if you need the reminder):

Stop constantly chasing shiny things. You don't need them in your life as much as you probably think you do.




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