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The 2021 Alpine Doelings are growing up!

goats Jul 08, 2021

Greyden introduces most of the 2021 Alpine doelings we kept by name and tells you a little bit about each of them.

They're looking so good!

PJ & Crew

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Do goats like the rain?

goats Jul 06, 2021

We love rain when it comes to our gardens, our hay fields, and our creek. But when it comes to the goats?... not so much!

PJ & Crew

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Pregnant Nigerian Dwarf Goats

goats Jun 25, 2021

Our goats are a part of our family.

As you can tell, Greyden knows each and every one of them by name and points each of them out as they hang out in the field one afternoon.

They are due in about a month and the anticipation of new baby goats is starting to build!

Are you looking forward to the new kids?

PJ & Crew

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