Thoughts from the Garden

garden Jun 28, 2021

I have a very large garden and I spend a LOT of my time in the garden. 

It's never mostly not a chore, but instead, a time that I look forward to. Gardening relaxes me and gives me a chance to think and pray and plan.

We've been constructing new garden beds and filling them with soil. And because all of the soil has been turned over, all the weed seeds have been exposed and the new beds are full of weeds.

After spending a few hours weeding, I sat down for a break and just thought about how important gardening is to me and how blessed I am to be able to do it on the scale that I do.

I share some of my thoughts during this video.

And while my garden now is beyond gorgeous, there were many years that I gardened in terrible soil without raised beds.

So while you may have garden envy, please let my garden be an encouragement to grow something! Anything! Especially if you have children.

Get your hands dirty and grow something healthy you can share and enjoy with your family.

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