Does packing for a trip stress you out?

Do you worry for weeks about packing for a vacation, overpack every time, or worry that you've forgotten something?

Packing can be stressful!

With a family of ten, we understand that packing for a trip can be overwhelming. There are so many things that could go wrong. 

          ✔ You could forget to pack underwear.
          ✔ Your son could only pack stained and holey clothes. 
          ✔ You didn't remember your toothbrush because you used it that morning.

Whether you travel for work or pleasure, packing is always a hassle.

✦  It doesn't matter if you pack for an overnight trip, or a three-week vacation.

✦  It doesn't matter if you pack for a tropical beach, or an icy tundra.

✦  It doesn't matter if you are packing for yourself, or a family of ten.

If the thought of packing for a trip makes you feel overwhelmed or stressed, it can put a damper on your whole trip and the excitement leading up to it. 

Do you find yourself...

     ➤  having stress dreams about forgetting to pack something? 

     ➤  being unable to decide what to bring?

     ➤  starting your packing days or even weeks in advance, only to unpack because you need something?

     ➤  overpacking because you might need something, and better safe than sorry?

     ➤  having trouble fitting everything into your luggage?

Together, we can systematize and transform your life!

I'm PJ Jonas, and I am...

➥ a loving wife.
➥ a Homeschooling Mom of 8 children.
➥ the Founder & CEO of Goat Milk Stuff.
➥ the Host of the Busy Mom's Survival Guide Podcast.
➥ a Systems Engineer.

I was told by a lot of people that I was "throwing away my education" when I decided to become a stay at home mom.  Little did they know how much I would put the skills I learned as a Systems Engineer into use as a busy homeschooling mom.

I learned early on that having systems in place was the key to peaceful living and not being constantly overwhelmed and stressed by the work that 8 young children created.

I also learned that even though I could do everything better and faster than my children, investing in teaching them was the only way to free up my time for work I really enjoyed.

As the children grew, we all learned to regularly review and modify our systems as life brought new adventures and challenges. This was really important because starting our family business was a huge challenge.

I know that if we didn't have all of our systems in place, our family business could not have grown and succeeded the way that it did.

I want YOU to benefit from my years of experience creating systems to organize and streamline your life.

Creating a Packing System will transform your life. 

It will rid you of pre-vacation dread, feelings of overwhelm, stress, and failure. 
In their place, you will find control and be confident that you are prepared and have everything you need. 

Our Packing System will give you the lists, templates, and guidance necessary to create your own packing system to transform your packing forever. 

Packing doesn't have to be something you dread.

Take our system, make it your own, and make every trip easier.

I'm ready to transform my getaways!

YOU are responsible for creating the life that you want to live.

If you want to remove stress and enjoy preparing for trips, you are capable of creating the systems necessary.

Our Create A Packing System course will help you...

  • develop your packing lists to make sure you don't forget anything,

  • create a routine for leaving with your family, your luggage, and no stress,

  • set up systems to take care of your home while you're gone,

so that you can finally reach your dream of getting out the door on time and enjoying your time away from home.


That's what I want!

Have you tried to get organized before and it didn't work for you?

And you're not really sure this course will be any different?

We do not build programs that are one-size-fits-all.  This course is not designed to take you and try and fit you into a standard box like so many other programs.

We know that you are an individual. As a Mom of 8 children, I know that everyone is unique and everyone learns differently. The course provides different ways of learning so you can find what works for you.

We will teach you how to move forward. Your life and your systems need to grow and change with you. We will teach you how to review and modify your systems so they stay current.

Create Your Own Packing System

and make every trip easier than ever.

What Does The Course Contain?

Every person will pack differently, so we can't promise to know exactly what you'll need, but with a family of ten that goes on a variety of vacations and trips, our lists are pretty extensive. We give you all of our lists so that you can modify them to fit your life with minimal effort. 

We don't just give you all of our lists and ideas, we also give you templates and downloads that are easily modified so you can make your personalized packing lists as quickly and easily as possible. Whether you want a spreadsheet, a word document, a Trello board, or a ready-to-go PDF, we've got you covered.

Get our favorite packing hacks to make packing easier and faster. 

  • How do you stop overpacking?
  • Why should you create a toiletry kit?
  • How do you make everything fit in a suitcase?
  • Our favorite organizational tools for organizing your hotel room on extended stays.

Packing with kids is way more stressful than packing for adults. We share some of our favorite tips and tricks for packing with kids, taken from our years of experience in packing as a family of ten.



I'm Ready!

You CAN enjoy preparing for your trips with no stress!

Transforming your life is possible and it's within your grasp.
After creating your own Packing System, you will be able to

✔ Leave for a trip, knowing that you have everything you need.

✔ Fit everything in your luggage because you no longer overpack.

Enjoy leaving home stress free, knowing that everything is taken care of.

I am so excited to watch you reduce stress and enjoy traveling.
You don't want to miss this opportunity.

Developing a packing system will change your life!

Gain Lifetime Access with this Low Introductory Price Available 
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As we update and upgrade the packing course, you'll retain lifetime access and get all of the new course materials.

Don't let another trip go by without creating a system to reduce stress and enjoy leaving home.

We're doing this!

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